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Los Cristianos Properties

  • Fiestas in Tenerife and the Canary Islands come in two varieties: winter and summer. Winter festivals include everything in the Christmas season, plus the Carnaval (which itself was renamed under the disguise of "Winter Festival" when Carnaval was prohibited in the time of Franco). Summer ones include Corpus Cristi and the vast array of traditional folk festivals (Romerias) and fiestas to honour saints in every town and village and, which despite the seasonal name, start taking place almost as soon as Carnavla/Easter/Corpus is over and run right through to the end of October.
  • Some events, such as the annual celebrations for the Fiestas de La Cruz , San Juan , or the Three Kings parade on January 5th , plus Christmas & New Year , of course, are held on set, numbered, dates every year, irrespective of what day of the week they happen to fall on. Those will be easy enough to list.
  • There are countless others which revolve around the "moveable feasts" of the Catholic church's calendar, like Easter , for example, which then allows us to work backwards to the dates for lent and for the Carnaval . And others, like Corpus Cristi, where the main things to be seen occur so many days before or after the "religious" dates.
  • Depending on the calendar, Carnaval is generally celebrated in either February or March. Once you know the date of Shrove Tuesday, you can work out when the main events should occur. In Santa Cruz, the main parade of Tenerife's main Carnaval is celebrated in the late afternoon / early evening on Shrove Tuesday. There is another parade on the Friday night before that, the Election of the Carnaval Queen is usually the Wednesday before and the "finale": the curious Burial of the Sardine on Ash Wednesday. There are other events, both before and after. Then the whole thing moves on to other towns, with Puerto de La Cruz Carnaval Parade usually being on the Saturday after Shrove Tuesday and Los Cristianos a week or so later.

Los Cristianos Properties

Av/ Los Playeros nº 27 - Los Cristianos

Arona - Tenerife

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